Wednesday, December 19, 2007

7 Random Things

I was tagged in a meme by Hipchickmama, and I'm needing a break, so I figured I might as well. My challenge is to post 7 random things about myself. I'll leave out the more incriminating factoids.

1. A man at my church when I was growing up would buy warts for a penny. He'd rub the penny on the wart, then give me the penny. It always worked! The warts would go away. I wonder what he did with all those warts?
2. I like sweet potatoes -raw or cooked. I get that from my dad, I'm sure. The little old ladies at church would get a kiss from dad whenever they brought sweet potatoes to a potluck. Often there were five or six casserole dishes of baked sweet potatoes - and it wasn't that big of a church!

3. I had a pet hermit crab in 7th grade.

4. I used to be a skinny kid. My first husband actually wanted me to gain weight - If he could see me now! (Not! I really don't care if I ever see him again!)
5. I'm a music and instrument junkie. I took piano lessons as a child, voice lessons in high school and before my daughter was born, hammer dulcimer lessons after my daughter was born, and taught hammer dulcimer before moving to KC 14 years ago. That doesn't even count the guitar lessons (off and on), the fiddle lessons (two months), and the miscellaneous other instruments that I've collected and attempted in the 46 years of my life. I'm taking piano lessons (occasionally) again now and have recently again been tempted to teach hammer dulcimer.

6. I bought a grand piano at the KCK Habitat ReStore in September. It turned out to be a really nice piano! (that's part of why I'm taking lessons again!)

7. The Christmas tree is up, but not yet decorated. The house is a disaster area; my MIL gets in Monday night, and I'll be at a funeral ALL DAY on Saturday, so I have no idea how the house will get clean unless the kids really kick it up a notch and Steve does some this weekend.

Now I have to tag some folks, but I know so few that have blogs that Crystal didn't already tag! I may just have to edit to tag them.

Are you happy now Crystal? I posted something.