Friday, March 14, 2008

Yes, I'm still here.

I know I've been away awhile...Let's just say I've been a little busy.

I got laid off from my engineering job in October, and picked up three additional part-time jobs at the seminary. I still have two churches and a family.

Back when I got laid off, I was approached by an architect and fellow seminary student asking me if I might be interested in using my engineering knowledge in mission work in Haiti. Long story short...I'm going to Haiti for a week in April with the support of my churches. It has also offered a mechanism by which I can continue to keep my PE license current even as I move into full-time ministry.

I will graduate with my MDiv in May. I determined two weeks ago that I had all the necessary course requirements for a specialization in evangelism. So I completed the paperwork, and I will have the specialization on my degree, and I expect to graduate with honors. Oh yeah, and I'm knitting my dress to wear under my robe for graduation.

I went before the conference Board of Ordained Ministry this week to be approved for commissioning as a probationary Elder in the United Methodist Church. They said surprisingly nice things about me and approved me unconditionally. I feel very blessed. Not all were so fortunate.

It's been a busy few months, and probably won't let up until mid-May.

Say hello if you happen to read this.