Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And then the lights came back on...

I was reaching for the telephone to return a call about 2:30 PM, and suddenly, the overhead light in my office came back on.

I told the parishioner I was calling what had just happened.

When I finished the call, I checked the hallway....the lights work.

The computer monitor in the secretary's office was on.

The lights in the secretary's office came on when I flipped the switch.

Understand, this church can't really afford to call in an electrician to fix things like this. Perhaps it was the failure of a single phase on the line that just got corrected.

I like to think it was God.

Thanks, God!


Crystal said...

you are too cute!

perhaps it was you! you've got enough electricity to knock out a few lights! ;)

Crystal said...

thinking and praying for you and your MIL.

you're in my heart and prayers!